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What You Need To Know Before Buying A Northtech Defense Barrel


Quality Material.  When buying a barrel it is important that you know what you are buying.  Many companies will tell you that their products are made using Stainless Steel or 4150 Grade Chromoly Alloy Steel. We want our customers to know that they are getting the highest level of quality possible from us. Northtech Defense barrels are manufactured using only the best Gun Quality material.

(PASS) 416R Stainless Steel (Rifle Quality)

(FAIL) 416 Stainless Steel      

(PASS) 4150v Chromoly Alloy Steel (Rifle Quality)

(FAIL) 4150cm Chromoly Alloy Steel

416R: If the Stainless Steel used to manufacture a product is not the (R) series then you are not getting Rifle Quality material. Stainless Steel that is not the R series has much lower tensile and yield strengths. For example, our Stainless Steel line of barrels are made of 416R (Rifle Quality).

4150v:  When buying 4150 Grade Steel, you want to make sure that the product is made of 4150v which contains higher Vanadium content. 4150 without the higher Vanadium content is not the same, it is a lower quality steel. When you purchase from our Marksmen line of barrels you are getting the Gun Quality Steel  4150v (with High Vanadium).

The Unique Science Behind The Accuracy. The Science is in our proprietary machining process and tight tolerances, which are key. This process is all done in house, not by a second or third party. You cannot get this style of barrel from any other manufacturer.

Our barrels are made differently than ANY other barrel manufacturer. Our proprietary cutting methods surpass the common "cut rifling", "button rifling, even "EDM style rifling" and are much more accurate than a forged style barrel.

If you could get the best aspects from Button Rifling, and better tolerances than Cut Rifling then you would have Northtech Defense barrel. Our rifling encompasses the best aspect of Button Rifling and gets better tolerance results than Cut Rifling. With this, we are able to burnish our rifle bores into the industries closest tolerance of .0001" (one ten thousandth of an inch) or less throughout, from end to end. Our typical rifle bores in our finished, fluted barrels are in the millionths. So what does this mean?  Your bullet has more stability when passing through the barrel, giving you better accuracy.