Design Fees: 

$120 an hour for design time if you desire to receive the files, otherwise Northtech defense owns the rights to those products.

Job Minimums:

            Order minimums vary by job and can be anywhere from 50-250 parts.


            We require 25-50% deposit for all jobs to cover material cost, labor and tooling.

Lead Time:

30-90 day average

            Lead time is dependent on a number of factors and is subject to change at any time. We will do our best to notify the client as things come up. If you desire a rush job or a specific time frame that is less than what was quoted we will charge an expedite fee. (see below)

Expedite Fees:

            Fees for a rush job will be quoted depending on the situation at the time of order. It will be no less than 10% of the order total so that we can cover the lost money from having to pull another job from a machine to complete the rushed order. A rushed order may not always be an available option.


            The product must be paid for in full at the time of shipment or the product will not leave Northtech property.

Pricing/ Quotes:

            All quotes are valid for 60 days and are subject to change after that.                                             

    Any specialty tooling that cannot be used for any other job will require payment.

Price Increases:

            The cost of our outside services and the transportation can influence our prices on product. Regular price increases will occur as our costs do not always remain the same.

Shipping Costs:

            Shipping costs will be calculated and added at the time of shipment when final payment is collected, unless you provide your own shipping methods. (EX: UPS account number)                      

    If you desire expedited shipping you will be responsible to pay for it.


If you wish to initiate and/ or continue business with Northtech Defense please sign and date below.


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Policies are subject to change as we are constantly growing and improving.

Thank you for doing business with Northtech Defense!

**If you have difficulty printing this you may contact our office and request a copy to be sent to you**