We gladly accept a variety of electronic payments such as credit / debit cards, Visa Checkout, Pay by Amazon, etc. Unfortunately, PayPal has a policy against using their payment method for items related to firearms. Subsequently we are no longer able to offer PayPal as a method of payment.


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We accept many commonly used credit cards. There is no surcharge for using your credit card to make purchases. When completing your order please provide the exact billing address your credit card bank has on file for you. Incorrect information may cause failed order attempts and/or delays in processing your order. While there can be a several reasons for failed order attempts (such as insufficient funds, typo(s), etc.), by far the most common reason is a mismatched billing address verification. Even though your card may work with other sites and stores (all with different levels of credit card security), in an attempt to increase fraud prevention (for you and for us) we set our credit card security settings so that a transaction will auto-void if any aspect of your billing information entered for your order (or in your online account) does not match exactly with the billing information that your credit card issuer has on file for your account. In other words, if the information you are entering for your order (i.e. billing name, billing street address, billing street name, billing city, billing state, billing zip code, credit card account number, expiration date, or security code) does not match exactly that which your credit card issuer has on file for your account then the transaction will immediately and automatically void itself after attempting to place the order. Subsequently, repeated failed attempts to place orders may temporarily authorize (place on hold) more funds from your account, which are reversed typically within a few business days. Therefore, we urge you to carefully examine the billing address and account information on file with your credit card issuer and try again. If your order still will not go through 1) consider utilizing a different payment method with whom you have already verified and confirmed your credit card billing address and account information or 2) please contact your credit card issuer for assistance and/or resolution.


Northtech Defense, at its sole discretion, may issue, revoke, or cancel without notice one or more discount code(s). Such discount codes may only be used for making purchases directly from Northech Defense and will be recognized as a credit when accompanied by a qualified order on this site. You may combine multiple discount codes (if stackable) to maximize your savings. Please understand that not all brands provide us with sufficient pricing to be able to offer discounts for their products. Subsequently, some discount codes may not be applied to these brands' products in our store. Discount codes are to be used when placing orders, not to be retroactively applied after an order is placed. Some discount code(s) can not be reused. Use of a discount code constitutes acceptance of these terms and conditions.


Purchasing a lower receiver (or a firearm) from Northech Defense is very easy to do; but first, before you place your purchase with us please review our FFL Transfer Policy. The degree to which you understand and follow these simple guidelines will determine the outcome of your purchase and your transfer. Before you place a purchase with us you must identify a local FFL holder (i.e. a retail firearms store) near you that will receive the ATF-regulated item(s) you purchase from us and complete the transfer to you. Most FFL holders will provide this service and charge a nominal fee. Only after you have identified your preferred local FFL holder and made the necessary arrangement(s) with your preferred local FFL holder:

1. You can then place your order with us on-line.
2. This is the important part - have your preferred local FFL holder email to us ( a current copy of their signed FFL. We will not call your local FFL holder (nor fax/email your local FFL holder) to request a copy of their FFL. Please request that your local preferred FFL holder include your name and your order number when they email us a copy of their signed FFL so we may ship your order in a timely manner. Failure to receive a copy of your preferred local FFL holder's Federal Firearms License within three (3) business days (of order placed) may result in a cancellation of your order.

After we have received a signed copy of your preferred local FFL holder's Federal Firearms License we will ship the lower receiver (or firearm) to the address stipulated on your preferred local FFL holder's Federal Firearms License. Once your preferred local FFL holder receives the item(s) you purchased from Northtech Defense, you will then fill out the necessary paperwork with your preferred local FFL holder to complete the transfer and take possession of your lower receiver (or firearm). The ATF has a simple but strict set of rules and procedures that must be followed for all FFL transfers. If you are unwilling or unable to adhere to these procedures then we cordially and respectfully request that you do not purchase any ATF-regulated items (such as a lower receiver or a firearm) from us. However, your full compliance and cooperation with these ATF guidelines will ensure that our full product-line of AFT-regulated items is available to you.

Please note we ship entire/complete orders. For example, if you submit one order containing a non ATF-regulated item (such as a pistol grip) and an ATF-regulated item (such as a lower receiver) we will ship ALL items contained within that order to your preferred local FFL holder. If, however, you prefer that we ship non ATF-regulated items to you directly then please submit a separate order for those non ATF-regulated items.


This site may contain links to other sites on the Internet that are owned and operated by third parties. You acknowledge that Northtech Defense is not responsible for the operation of or content located on or through any such site.


All merchandise offered by Northtech Defense is sold in new condition and is under warranty unless otherwise stated in the product description. You must notify Northtech Defense within seven days after receiving your order if you receive a product that you feel is defective or not new. Northtech Defense will, at our discretion, replace it or provide a full refund for the product if returned within 30 days of the original order.

Basic eligibility requirements for merchandise return:

  • Returned merchandise must be in new condition.
  • The Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) request must be made within 30 days of your order.
  • Any and all merchandise being returned for a refund must be accompanied by the packing slip and all the original packaging.

If you meet the basic eligibility requirements summarized above and would like to return your item(s), you must log into your account to initiate a return and obtain a RMA number: log in to your account >> track your recent orders and/or view all >> select the applicable order >> select Add New RMA. There, and in subsequent email(s), you will receive detailed instructions. Note: if you did not create an account (as recommended) when placing your order you will need to create an account (which allows us to link your past order(s) to your newly created account) before requesting a RMA number. In most instances, returned merchandise is refunded unless you are returning a product for the exact same product (but in a different version/color). In other words, we do not apply returned merchandise toward the purchase/exchange of different product(s).

Northtech Defense is not responsible for any expense(s) to return merchandise to Northtech Defense unless the reason for return is the fault of Northtech Defense's order processing where Northtech Defense has clearly communicated acceptance of responsibility in writing. A 15% restocking fee is deducted from the applicable refund for any open products returned or cancelled special orders. Once your order has shipped, any and all fees or expenses related to shipping (including any and all fees Northtech Defense incurred to return the package(s) to Northtech Defense), processing, handling, and insurance are not refundable for any reason, even if you refused the package(s), did not accept the package(s), or take possession of the package(s). Furthermore, any and all such fees or expenses incurred by Northtech Defense for the return of your order(s) for any reason (including but not limited to the order being refused, the order was not accepted (for any reason), the wrong shipping address was provided to Northtech Defense during order placement, etc.) will be deducted from the applicable refund. Only the product purchase price will be refunded less any applicable fees (aforementioned) and/or restocking fee(s). Packages may be refused or returned to sender if the RMA number is not visible or legible on the exterior of the package.


We are shooters just like you and want to receive the item(s) we order as soon as possible, which is why we pack your order(s) so quickly; in most cases on the same business day, but sometimes we need an additional one to two business days depending upon the time of day we received your order, the size of your order, and the size of the shipping queue preceding your order. Please consider this when selecting your desired shipping option(s). Orders are processed in the sequence in which we receive them. For clarification, just because you select a "next day" delivery service does not mean that your order goes to the front of the fulfillment queue. It means that we will fulfill your order in the normal fashion and in the sequence in which we received it and then ship it with your selected delivery service.

Unless the item is marked as free shipping, there is, and will be, a minimum shipping fee for your order regardless of how small the item (and/or shipping package) may be. For instance, the shipping fee to ship one magazine is nearly the same cost to ship multiple magazines due to the scaled economics offered by shipping carriers. Please be aware that when and where possible we have optimized our shipping methods to save you both time and money.

Northtech Defense utilizes common shipping carriers such as FedEx, UPS, and USPS. Northtech Defense, at its own discretion, may elect (based on size, contents and value of the product(s) being shipped) to ship your order with a premium carrier (i.e. FedEx or UPS) at no additional charge to you of course. Please keep in mind that, in most instances, most orders are processed automatically and fulfilled immediately; and for this reason order changes may not possible after your order has been submitted.

With delivery delays possible due to inclement weather, holidays, and a myriad of other circumstances beyond our control, we can not and do not guarantee when an order will arrive; that is more the responsibility of the shipping carrier and the shipping service you select during checkout. We can only promise to fulfill your order in a reasonable time using the shipping service you selected at checkout. Therefore, we encourage you to order in a timely fashion to avoid possible delays. Also, please consider any shipping or transit time(s) offered to you by this site or other parties as an estimate. Saturday delivery is presently not an option with FedEx and UPS; however, it is currently still offered by the USPS.

Tracking numbers are provided automatically via a auto-generated shipping confirmation emails on all orders when a shipping label is created. Keep in mind there may be a delay between the creation of a shipping label and when the package is actually tendered to the shipping courier, which may or may not be the same day. Please make sure you provide us with an accurate email address when submitting your order(s). If you do not provide a valid email address with your order you will not receive automated tracking information.

Note that the USPS online tracking system is often times terribly inaccurate and may not show the progress of your order until delivered. The USPS online package tracking system has a history of displaying inaccurate information, even stating that a package has been delivered when clearly it has not. In instances like this, the package is typically delivered with a few business days. The best thing to do in such cases is to be patient with the USPS because after all it is run by the US Government. Even if nothing is updated in USPS's tracking system, the package is usually in transit. Please please please do not contact Northtech Defense to inquire about the tracking status of your order without first checking the status yourself, either from within your account or with the tracking information sent to you via email (explained above), because if we have shipped your order we know nothing more than you. For more detailed information about your package’s shipping status, we encourage you to contact the carrier you chose during checkout.

Please note that we provide you the opportunity to distinguish your shipping address as a residential or a commercial address. There is a surcharge for residential addresses assessed by most couriers (not Northtech Defense). If you fail to make this distinction, the courier's shipping API (online tool for determining accurate shipping rates) may possibly presume your shipping address to be residential, and assess a residential surcharge for delivery of your order.

Please be aware that, by default, we ship "complete" orders, meaning that we will ship your order containing all the items you ordered and, if avoidable, we will not ship partial orders. Please keep this in mind when ordering items that are on pre-order or backorder as we ship complete orders. If you wish to order in-stock items plus an item that is on pre-order/backorder, we suggest that you place separate orders - combining all the in-stock items into one order and the pre-order/backorder item(s) into a separate order. This slightly increases the overall shipping cost but enables you to receive the items that are in stock in advance of the pre-order/backorder items without unnecessary delay.

In an attempt to decrease instances of fraud (for you and for us), we do not ship orders to any address other than the confirmed and verified billing address on record with your credit card company. For more detailed information please see the Credit Cards section above. Regardless of the shipping carrier used, a signature is sometimes required to receive orders of high value to minimize the possibility of theft or a "lost order" and to increase customer satisfaction (you would be a lot more dissatisfied if your order were lost or stolen). Delivery to apartments are high risk for theft/loss, and thus, for the same reasons stated above, may require a signature to receive your order. If a signature is not attained upon delivery, you may still be able to collect your parcel from the carrier with valid personal identification. To prevent lost shipments in the first place, we encourage you to utilize the most reliable shipping carrier possible (which is not the US Postal Service), and/or opt for delivery to be made to a location where someone can sign for your package if you are unable. Please be aware that UPS can not deliver to a USPS PO box.

If your package is lost due to a mistake from Northtech Defense, at our discretion, we will replace the lost parts or provide a full refund for the merchandise lost. Many shipping carriers consider a package as “lost” 20 days after date of shipment for domestic shipments and 30 days after date of shipment for international shipments, and subsequently these are the guidelines that we must follow before issuing a refund or a replacement. There may be forms that you need to complete to file a claim with our shipping insurance carrier. Furthermore, Northtech Defense at its own discretion, may defer any shipping insurance refund directly to you. Packages being shipped via FedEx and UPS can not be delivered to PO boxes. International shipping rates displayed on this site are shipping rates only and do not include duties or taxes, nor does Northtech Defense pay those duties or taxes on your behalf.


Northtech Defense's order processing and order fulfillment/shipping procedures are largely automated and begin immediately after an order is placed. This is one reason people love ordering from Northtehc Defense. If this degree of automation and efficiency has a down side it is order cancellations/modifications. For example, if you wish to cancel or modify an order before it is shipped we must locate that specific order (with the size of our shipping queue and order volume this task is not always possible), pull it out of order fulfillment, and expend the necessary effort(s) to satisfy the request; all of which take considerably more time and energy than fulfilling and shipping the original order. For this reason, there are order cancellation/modification fees (deducted from any applicable refund) associated with such atypical customer service requests that include, but are not limited to, the following:

• Order cancellation/modification before order picking - $7.50
• Order cancellation/modification during order picking/packing - $10.00
• Order cancellation/modification after the order has been packed and before the order has shipped - $15.00
• Order cancellation/modification plus carrier interception after the order has shipped (not always possible) - $20.00 (additional carrier fees may also apply).


Northtech Defense warrants to the original purchaser that this merchandise will be free from defects in its original material, construction, and craftsmanship under normal use and maintenance for one year from the date of purchase. Any merchandise Northtech Defense finds to be defective within the warranty period in its original material, construction, and craftsmanship will be repaired or replaced with the same item or one of comparable value. Such repair or replacement is at the sole discretion of Northtech Defense and constitutes the sole remedy provided under this warranty. Any merchandise returned for warranty service determined solely by Northtech Defense to not be eligible for repair or replacement under the terms of this warranty will be returned to you at your expense. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. This warranty is void if the merchandise is modified in any way and does not apply to any failure of, defect in, or damage to the item(s) caused by normal wear and tear or by improper use, or for any use for which the merchandise was not designed. Northtech Defense products are designed and intended to support the weight of a typical assault rifle or shotgun. For warranty service and/or returns contact our Customer Service Department. After you contact us, Northtech Defense will send you a return package or label. Any package received without a visible and legible RMA number will be returned to sender and/or refused. We are not responsible for unauthorized returns. Make sure to include your name, address, phone number, a copy of the original sales receipt/invoice, and a note of explanation. Once we receive and inspect a defective item, we will gladly replace it, repair it, or offer a full refund. Damaged shipments should be reported to the appropriate carrier immediately for proper claim handling. All other defective merchandise must be returned directly to the appropriate manufacturer for warranty replacement or repair. This constitutes the entire warranty agreement, and Northtech Defense makes no other warranty, express or implied, by operation of law or otherwise.